Clackmannanshire Sports Council

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Coach of the Year (Competition):

Has coached athletes or teams who have made an impact at district, regional or national level which may include a significant improvement in performance, although not necessarily the winning of titles. As long as the nomination is outwith a salaried position.

– Please give a short description of the highlights and achievements of the nominee in 2023. Please highlight no more than 6 achievements for 2023 and provide a reason for your nomination in no more than 200 words. Consider:

  • Time commitment to sport each week and throughout the year.
  • Responsibility and wider roles undertaken within the club (all roles are to be acknowledged).
  • Developments made possible through the efforts of the coach.
  • Value of the coach to the club and impact on participants involved.
  • Coach’s personal development and progress because of volunteering.
  • Training completed and evidence of use.
  • Any other significant areas highlighted by the nomination will be considered if they highlight a contribution to sport

– Please detail any other relevant information on why your nominee should receive the award, this can include supporting statements from other individuals or organisations and web links to articles, a website, videos or social media that will support this nomination.