Clackmannanshire Sports Council

Connecting, developing and championing sport and physical activity in Clackmannanshire

Connect with our other members

Why become a member?

The Clackmannanshire Sports Council was established in 1978 to represent the interests of those operating in the voluntary sector of sport and physical activity in the County of Clackmannanshire. 

By connecting with our network, we will help Clubs and individuals develop and we will champion the outstanding work of volunteers and the successes of your Club.


The Sports Council enables all sports to connect with each other at our quarterly meetings, where experience and advice can be shared.  As well as at our awards evening which showcases our local sports heroes and volunteers.


In partnership with the Council’s Sport and Leisure team and our national partners, we assist our members to develop, learning from external subject matter experts, to finding out about others’ best practice from networking.  Our grants assist Clubs and individuals to develop and be the best that they can be.


We have a long history of developing athletes, from those who just enjoy physical activity, to those who compete on the international stage – as the Wee County, we punch well above our weight!  Our evening sports awards champion the best athletes and volunteers from across the County.

The benefits of membership:

  • Connect – Opportunities to network with other clubs/organisations, highlighting problems faced and sharing examples of good practice.
  • Develop – Grant Aid Scheme:  The grant aid scheme aims to assist member clubs and individuals to start up new sports clubs, improve and develop existing sports clubs, encourage participation in sport, support events through grant aid, raise the standard of coaching, and reward talent and achievement.  Grants may be given in the following categories:
    • Start-up Grant – Start up new sports clubs
    • Development Grant  – Improve and develop existing sports clubs
    • Open-door Grant – Encourage participation in sport
    • Event Support Grant – Support events through grant aid
    • Coach Education Grant – Promote the development of coaching within the club
  • Develop – Workshops with Information and advice on a range of sport related topics at local, regional and national levels – both online and in person.
  • Develop – Access to subsidised training courses and workshops e.g. first aid courses
  • Champion – Facebook Page with updates, relevant news, links to other sites and affiliated organisation pages.
  • Champion – Advocacy – A Board who lobbies and represents the best interests of our Clubs, sports and an active life-style in Clackmannanshire