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Coach Education Grant:

The Coach Education Grant is open to both clubs and individuals to apply for assistance towards the cost of attending a coaching award course or referee accreditation.

The maximum amount to be claimed is £250 and only one grant may be applied for each year.

The course must lead to an award from an accredited organisation or governing body of sport.

For applications the club secretary must apply on behalf of the individual attending the course. 

The grant will only be paid upon receipt of evidence that the course was attended.

The applicant must confirm that their new qualification will benefit the delivery of coaching within Clackmannanshire.  If requested the person/persons attending the course, may be required to give voluntary coaching hours to specific Sports Council events, related to their qualification within 2 years of the award.

The recipient of a Coach Education Grant must be prepared to submit a report to the Clackmannanshire Sports Council on the completion of course.

Cheques will be made payable to organisation/governing bodies running courses.