Clackmannanshire Sports Council

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Event Support Grant:

The Event Support Grant is provided to assist local sports clubs wishing to host a sporting event in the local area and enable them to invite competitors from other areas to improve the standard of competition. In exceptional circumstances, where there is no suitable venue another location will be considered, this will be at the discretion of the Sports Council. 

The maximum amount to be claimed is £250 and only one grant may be applied for each year.

Applications for this grant must be made THREE MONTHS prior to the event taking place and should be accompanied with as much detail of the proposed event as possible. In exceptional circumstances, out with the 3 month period, applications will be considered.

It is a condition of the awarding of the grant that a report on the event must be submitted within two months.

Please note that the awarding of grant aid is for a particular event and should not be interpreted or presumed to be on-going.

It is the Sports Council’s intention to facilitate the setting up of new events and then to assist the organisers to seek alternative sources of funding through the likes of commercial sponsorship for future events.